Relaxing Warm Stone Therapi (1 Hour 30 Min) IDR 300,000 | USD 30

The special massage where the therapist uses smooth,  heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands, placing them on the body while they massage other part of your body. The heat stones are effective for deep relaxing and help warm up tight muscles.

Fantastic Four Massage (1 Hour) IDR 400,000 | USD 40

This is truly unique and wonderful experience. If you have never been massage by two people at once, then you must try at least once in your life! The sensation  of having four hands working out at once is incredible. Twenty fingers kneading and squeezing your muscles working out the stress, awakening your kudalini and re-circulating powerful – sensual energy!

Combination Massage (1 Hour 30 Min) IDR 300,000 | USD 30

Enjoy this delightful blend of massage techniques : Traditional Balinese massage, deep tissue, Thai reflexology, face and hand massage. Results in improved circulation, released muscle tension, and soothing relaxation.

Ancient Balinese Massage (1 Hour) IDR 200,000 | USD 20

This deep healing massage has been handed down through generations in order to promote harmony of body, mind and soul. Combines steady strokes, gentle stretching, pressure point and tissue work.

Tension Relief Massage (45 Min) IDR 150,000 | USD 15

Let our therapist melts all tension away with 45 minutes deep pressure massage on your back, neck, shoulder, and your hands. A totally pampering back indulgence.

Healing Reflexology Massage (1 Hour) IDR 200,000 | USD 20

This massage of limbs is where time stands still, a release of energy and resculpting the muscles using a combination of shiatsu, reflexology. This massage is the ultimate experience for generating tired limb, takes a way the blockages and renew the energy of vitality once and more.

* max 5 persons
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